If you’ve been thinking about starting a business for creating income, impact, and success you deserve; learn to launch your business using step-by-step blueprint, proven tools, and tactics to take your business out into the world.

Zero to Crore Sprint by Ishwar Jha

Ishwar Jha is an entrepreneur, product evangelist, teacher, and mentor.
Over the past 25 years, he’s launched businesses, raised money, and generated revenue. As a former CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, Ishwar launched several pioneering digital products and services to create a meaningful impact.
He builds digital businesses and help others build theirs. Over the past years, he has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, was a keynote speaker and panelist at global conferences, wrote and published 100s of articles, and mentor entrepreneurs at various entrepreneurial forums, startup accelerators, and incubators worldwide.



  • Discover your entrepreneurial compass to turn your idea into a launch ready product prototype.
  • Making something people really want, and build it in a way that generates significant customer interest.
  • Learn and convert your idea into a market-ready product; making sure it solves customer problem and generates profit.
  • Create financial projections, pitch deck and develop investor relationship for fundraising.
  • Create launch checklist to guide you to launch your product.


This workshop gives clarity on what has to be done and preparation needed to be an entrepreneur. The presenter was interactive and used combination of theoretical background and practical examples for content and answering questions

Krishnan Mittal

Founder and CEO, Unfurl Technologies

The information received was very easy to understand and gave a lot more clarity on start-up entrepreneurship in a very simplified manner. The practical knowledge shared in terms of business model, industry examples and corporate MNCs were very apt and to the point.

Dr. Amit Kharat

Post Graduate Teacher in Radiology Informatics

This session was an eye-opener in giving emphasis on reality v/s theory on entrepreneurship. The focus on covering 5-7 key areas including funding/ investor information was very useful.

Arjun Sarkar

Founder & CEO, Everguard Life Ventures

The workshop was very informative and contained first-hand experience of Mr. Ishwar Jha. It covered all the topics in a very methodical way and was very interactive to brainstorm and get feedback on the spot on the ideas/ products.

Mangesh Bhalerao

Co-founder and CEO, GetSetSmart Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

This workshop has helped me formulate my idea. The immediate interaction with Mr. Ishwar Jha has helped me structure my thoughts to present my idea to a venture capitalist whom I would be meeting shortly. It has also given me a lot of information on ideation and scaling up my new start-up idea.

Akash Lakdawala

Student at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

Being an entrepreneur myself, this workshop has helped me know what I could have done better at the time of launching my business some years back. The process driven areas like competitive analysis and other business models that were covered in depth was not something that was worked upon earlier. But now we would be able to apply that in our business.

Sarvesh Prasad

Co-founder, Dee's Alley & Student @ CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad

The session was very knowledgeable and could relate to 90% of things covered in the workshop. The remaining 10% of the information provided will enable me to fill the gaps in running my business. It also gives me some ready solutions to put the missing pieces in my business together. I feel that this session would have been very useful for me if I had attended it 6 months before when we were starting our business.

Ajit Jagannathan

Founder and CEO, My Purple Fit

The workshop was very informative. In fact I myself need to prepare a lot and feel that some of the examples shared were very innovative, practical and up to date.

Bindu Madhav

Director, YDER Global @ Centre For Incubation & Entrepreneurship, IIIT-Hyderabad


In this 2-day workshop, gain hands-on experience by Ishwar Jha and his team at Appetals. Be assured of learning exactly what we have been using while building a dozen of products and launching businesses for the past two decades.

Entrepreneurial Compass

Realise your value, passion, and purpose for creating the income, impact, and success you deserve.
You will create the focus necessary for you to launch and grow your business.

Solidify the Idea

Apply lean canvas methods, brainstorming tools, and value proposition design techniques to build a strong value proposition to command strong pricing and strong margin

Build Prototype

Product Prototype helps you showcase your idea and get real feedback. Using the tools of customer journey mapping, storyboarding and prototyping techniques; build your product prototype.

Business Plan

Build business plan to capture the goals, outcomes, strategies, targets, measures and results that will guide you towards the path of realising your desired outcome.

Pitch Deck

You will need the pitch deck during the meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. Prepare your pitch deck that helps you attract the stakeholders to participate for your venture success.

Structure and Resources

A right business structure, legal, organization structure and the launch checklist together stack up overwhelmingly in your favor to launch and run your business successfully.



2 days filled with training, activities, and actions designed to prepare you to ideate, build and launch products.

Bring your own ideas, learn to apply the 6-step process of building the prototype, customer validation and launch checklist.


Date and Time: May 19 – 20 2017 (10am to 6pm)

Venue: 91springboard Andheri East

B-wing, 5th floor, Ackruti Trade Centre, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093, India.


₹ 4990/-


+ Taxes extra at actual