The Big Picture

A little girl was drawing in her empty book. She was fully focused and rarely looked away from the paper.
“What are you doing?” asked her father, curiously looking over her shoulder.
“I’m drawing a picture of God.”
Her father frowned, “But people don’t know what he looks like?”
“Well, they will know now”, replied the girl.

Most of us think about drawing as a way of representing something in a graphic form. Therefore, we persuade ourselves that we cannot draw well and give up the right to draw.

Drawing is a great way for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas with others. It gets ideas out of your head into a form that is easy to sort, share and document for your research. Drawing even a simple representation of an idea makes you think through a lot of details.

This exercise focuses on considering the aspects or bigger picture around the issue, task or need, by painting an artistic masterpiece reflecting the notable proportions of your idea and future vision. Break through to bring your concept to life early to figure out how you might take an idea further.

On successfully completing this exercise, you will be able to:

  • Get a first tangible expression of your idea
  • Increase your range of vision and establish framework to take the first step into an empty space
  • Show your dream to rest of the world and make it happen

Case Example:

Getting you inspired – below is a sketch of Uber’s user experience. Simple, right? If you don’t know how to sketch, don’t worry – draw whatever you can. The goal is to let out your thinking into the real world.

Action: Draw your Big Picture!

Allow your imagination to soar beyond context and boundaries. You can follow the below mentioned steps for drawing your Big Picture

  • Get into the settings where you find your creative best. Identify when your best creative hours are. For most people, its a few hours after they wake up
  • Brainstorm and ask questions  like –
  • What will make people feel great when they will use my product?
  • Is it going to solve the real-world problem?
  • Try to speak to an expert in the field and discuss whether your big picture is correctly conveying your business idea/ product.
  • Erase all “what ifs” and close your negative thoughts.

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option. Draw the sketch that presents your product out in the real world.

Additional Tips:

  • Leave all your emotions and imagination on the canvas
  • Sketch it first and color later
  • If needed, ask a trusted friend for help
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