We work with founders to help them build their business for exponential growth. We apply proven step-by-step guided process and we work alongside you to get your idea from mind to market.

Reputable promoters

Our promoter team has over 30 years of proven experience and caliber for building businesses. We combine field-tested process, hand holding, mentoring and industry references necessary for you to launch and grow your business.

A helping hand at every stage

We walk the journey together with you until you are launched in the market. We help you identify right partners, hire rockstar talent, setup operations, launch marketing and find anchor customers for you to get launched for success.

Field-tested process

We work with you to convert your ideas into a strong value proposition using tools of ideation, brainstorming, design thinking, business modelling, planning and product development. Allow yourself to be prepared for chance.

Coworking Space

We offer you the opportunity to work right from our office. It allows you to get started at an instant avoiding the hassles of finding an office, setting up infrastructure and incurring unwanted expenses and commitments.

Launch Your Tech Business program applies a process-driven approach to start the business to help founders win big reaching out to the right customer and solve customer problem in a meaningful way for a giant leap.

Inside Launch Your Tech Business System


Module 1: The building blocks of successful tech startup

You’ll be using a series of guided process to find the worthiness of your idea, value proposition, discovering customer segment, finding competition and competitive advantage, and revenue opportunity to test the viability of your idea in the real world.


Module 2: Building the business model of your business idea

You’ll apply the business model canvas and other allied tools to identify, assess and assure yourself having a viable business idea that offers a strong value proposition, generates revenues and allows you to forge ahead with predictable conviction.


Module 3: Product prototyping and validation

During product development and validation phase, you’ll build customer journey map, storyboard, and prototype. You’ll also set up the interview with the customers to showcase your prototype, validate your product and fine-tune your product based on the customer feedback.


Module 4: Business planning

We believe a business plan is must organize the vision, mission, strategies, and actions in a way that becomes your blueprint to build the business as well as develop a shared understanding with the stakeholders about our business. Together with our business planning resource you will prepare the financial model, marketing and sales plan, operations management and executive summary of your business.


Module 5: Business Launch Blueprint

We consider launch blueprint as our guiding document to bring together the strategies, tactics, milestones, and tasks that together with your team, partners and stakeholders will follow until the launch of the business.


Module 6: Company formation, structure, and resource building

Based on the business planning and launch checklist, you will start the process of company formation, identification of office, startup team, partners, and vendors.  With the help of our team and partners, you will start getting the resources that will enable you to get ready for your business launch.


Module 7: Product Development

Whether you are going to build the product on your own, commissioning to a vendor or outsourcing to Appetals, the product design, information architecture, technology decision and commissioning of software development will start here.


Module 8: Pitch deck and fundraising

You will start preparing the pitch deck as per the business plan if you need to raise fund to launch your business. You will be assisted with the insights, template, the design of pitch deck and investor identification to get your project funded.


Module 9: Launch marketing

You will be assisted in putting together the resources, creatives, channels, and partners for helping you with the launch of your product and carry out the marketing activities as per the business plan.


Module 10: Business Launch

We will be with you on your launch day to get you launched in the market. We will monitor, assess and review the launch outcome and help you in deciding the future course of action. You may choose to continue working from our premise or relocate to your own office.

Frequently Asked Questions
What all is included in the Start Your Tech Business with Appetals?

During the assignment, you will be offered advisory, co-creation, and experience of our promoters. You will be needed to work from our office so that we can interact, coach and monitor your work.

What if I want to exit midway?

Our program pricing is for the entire program. However, we are open to discuss your reasons for exit and give you the refund after deduction based on the agreed terms and milestones completed.

How about the privacy of my idea?

We have worked with 100s of founders and organizations and work strictly under the NDA.

Do Appetals take the responsibility for failure?

We are an advisory and facilitation service. We will apply proven strategies, tactics and actions which will allow you to make informed decisions. We will never force you to take the specific decision or never take any decision on and your behalf. You will be solely responsible to make decisions during the course of building your business.

How much time does it take to launch the business?

We aim to get launched within 90 days. However, depending on the size of the project it may take longer time. We will be able to provide you the timeline once we discuss the idea and do our assessment to gauge the scope and timeline.

What location do you operate?

We currently offer this service only from our headquarter in Mumbai as we need to have face to face interactions with our promoters.

Can Appetals promoters travel to our office to assist us in launching the business?

Absolutely. We are willing to work from your office.

Want to have 24/7 access to a group of supportive founders who have already launched successful businesses and want to help you succeed?


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