With the objective to offer on-demand access to various infrastructure projects developed by the company, Appetals designed and built a highly engaging, intuitive and feature-rich Android and iOS app.
ARA LAW is a dynamic first generation law firm that is known for its creative and agile thinking, commitment to its clients and the ability to provide sound and innovative solutions to the most complex business challenges.
Selfcare India
Selfcare India is a leading health and wellness platform. We have built their website as well as customer relationship management solution including onboarding, consultation, client profile, notifications, events and MIS.
Urban Homes
Urban Homes have helped many clients not only maintain their investments in recent years but make educated, profitable decisions protecting their homes and portfolios. Let the team at Urban Homes help you get the most out of your investment.
J. Sagar Associates (JSA) is a leading national law firm in India comprising over 350 professionals, with 7 offices across the country. For over two decades, we have provided legal advice and services to inter- national & domestic clients.
Vikabh Securities Pvt. Ltd
The vision, mission and passion of Vikabh founders and employees have transitioned the small broking unit into a financial house, offering complete range of financial products and services.
RanCorp Media Private Limited
RanCorp Media is a broadcast and digital media company. The business plans are underway to build Video content brands that would participate in both traditional TV and digital sectors.
Safeer Al Bee’ah
Safeer Al Bee'ah has developed an APP with the aim to cultivate the habit of saving energy. This application is targeted at school children of UAE.
Asteriskos Media Private Limited
Asteriskos Media Pvt. Ltd. which Deals In- Manufacturing (Paper & Paper Products, Publishing, Printing And Reproduction Of Recorded Media).
Middle East MUN
Middle East MUN students formulate, present, debate, and revise positions on current issues that are affecting people of the world. Their goal is to give youth courage to innovate.
Epilepsy Foundation India
Epilepsy Foundation India is a non-profitable charitable organization dedicated towards the welfare of the millions of people suffering with epilepsy in the India and their families.
Fiducia is an advisory and consulting firm targeted at providing trusted end-to-end business solutions. With our rich heritage and strong hands-on approach, we deliver value to our clients.
“IT’s FUSSION” a place where you get best of Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Sizzlers, Chaat and Desserts
The new dna strives to be proactive and agile with many firsts being offered to its readers with information that not just updates but value adds through impactful exclusives, sharp opinions, helpful information and engaging topics.
Quest Profin Advisor
Quest is a leading investment bank providing focused advisory services to companies and entrepreneurs.
A global absolute return & Risk tuned investment solutions firm for all exchange traded asset classes.
Shachi Sood
Shachi Sood is one stop shop for ready to wear & custom made contemporary sarees, salwar suits, gowns, etc.
Biyani Realty
Biyani Realty is a brand of trust, belief, transparency, up to date technology and versatile services in the Real Estate sector in Mumbai and Pune.
An intiative for women empowerment by supporting a cause and celebrate Women's Half Marathon. DNA ICAN is a platform conceived to celebrate the spirit of achievement amongst women and empower them to be the best they can ever be.
A stylish and informative website for a financial services firm. Asian Markets Securities (AMSEC) is an India-focused client-centric, institutional brokerage firm.
Kerala Calling
A land that sets you free is a land like no other. Kerala is nature's most amazing theatre. A concrete social media engagement platform was built for the tourism government of Kerala
Do you need a smarphone to be smart? QueMobile is a mobile plan management platform for the international calling. QueMobile will help you be smarter by providing - One SIM for all Countries, 30 Second Billing, Coverage in 196 Countries etc.
You have Skill, we have something to Offer!! With a vision to create an employment platform built to manage the recruitment/application process for internships and fresher jobs in India.
Whats Extra
What if you would get fries free with the purchase of a hamburger?Who doesnt like something Extra? A Benefit-driven Marketing Platform to help Merchant Partners get Extra Branding, Loyalty & Business easily from 50 Lakh+ Premium Members.
India Forex
With a goal of facilitating transparency, the IFA market tracker provides you access to live market quotes for various asset classes, even when on the move.
GradsPad aims to simplify students life on campus by offering a one-stop source of all campus information from professional to social within the institute and eventually among various institutes.
Nowadays everything is about connections, imagine if you have an app that can unite all the information you have been looking for your business in just one click. Design+Build was made to make your corporate life easier and organized.
Fab Family
Fab Family is an application to educate toddlers about family members.It is an app that helps your children learn how to recognize and pronounces the names of the family.
The typical Rajasthani and Gujrati food which would remember your Mums taste. Experience royalty with Marwar style gourmet at Maharaj Bhog. In one meal taste 30 different traditional recipes.
We realised the challenges of managing our life surrounded with gadgets and appliances. Our Warranty management system tracks and manages gadgets, appliances, cars, documents and licenses, so that you are free to do what you are best at.
We understand that finding the right tutor, trainer, coach or professional is not easy. So we have a designed this FREE app where you can quickly and easily find the right trainer in your vicinity.


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