Noteworthy Chronicles

We are in the business of working with our clients to build their business using new technologies, field-tested processes, and tactics. We constantly search for thoughts, ideas, concepts, experiences, and experiments which guide us to do meaningful work every day.

Noteworthy Chronicle is our attempt to share stuff that inspired us to get better every day while running a boutique technology company.

The Effective Tech Lead is a 100X Engineer

Every tech guy is on the lookout for the magical 10x aura which comes by becoming a gray hair Tech Leads. As an obedient lot, the tech lead disposes of all wasteful work and accelerate productivity for the work that matters.
Leonard Souza, Engineering Manager at Webflow shares the Tech Lead Guide which is used inside his company to guide the principle of making their team deliver more meaningful work, rich employment tenure and benefits business deliver better customer value.

We hope that you too can also enjoy the meaningful pursuit of passion and success in a world that so often labels such a combination as lofty and absurd.

A Practical Introduction to Blockchain

What if you could replace all the confusion about Blockchain technology and its use cases by simply building one for yourself? What if while building the Blockchain technology you figure out the use cases you can apply in your industry?

Putting aside all the hype around the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you should get a practical introduction to blockchain technology while building one by yourself. You will be prepared to better figure out the cryptoeconomics of the cryptocurrency being fueled by blockchain to make our banks, governments, and marketplaces more authentic, secure, robust and distributed.

The Era Of Algorithmic Marketing

Our world is controlled by algorithms of Amazon which influences what you should buy, Google Maps guides you where and how you should go to a particular place, Facebook arouses interests in things, people, and places. Instead of being a master we are being vastly controlled by these algorithms.

Google’s UAC and Apple’s Search Ads Basic represents a fundamental transition in a way that marketing dollars are invested in digital marketing campaigns. Rather than digital marketers having the ability to choose who, where and how their ads are shown to the target customers, its algorithm that guide their path. And, the biggest question that this post with the help of 6 digital marketer tries to answer is that how can you create magic and synergy in the ad-world dominated by algorithms.

What it takes to build the culture for DevOps

As a leader running a modern organization requires you to develop a culture that supports system thinking, feedback and continual learning in order to far outlive the business in a highly disruptive world.

The article linked below will help you understand 15 factors you can implement to develop a culture in which you can release the product on demand, eliminate technical debt, fail smart, look “outside in” and measure the outcome.

When Disruption Is The Only Evolution

If you believe getting innovation inside the organization is too daunting and a confusing process, it’s because you are carrying a baggage of past. The article argues about how you can innovate your business matching with the speed of the market. You need to organize your team, resources, thinking around these three focuses:
– Identify mega trends
– Keep it simple
– Constant Paranoia

Disrupting the social future with technology

It’s technology that is driving disruption everywhere and everything that we do. Be it, society, food, health, housing, transportation, financial services, entertainment, education, agriculture, and everything else. Everything around us today is a technology business first and all other stuff secondary. Technology is promising big influence in handling things more efficiently than we as a human do. There exists a remarkable evidence of the impact of technology our everyday living.
While you are reading this elaborative article, imagine the possibilities of how you as an entrepreneur and your passion for a vision (and tons of good luck) give the improbable reality a shot?


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