Welcome to the Founders Handbook! I am glad you have chosen to use this handbook.

I am Ishwar Jha, Founder of Appetals, InternDesk, MockRabbit, and Stomper. Previously, I led the technology business opportunities at Zee Entertainment as a CEO/Head of Digital Services and CIO of Sony Music.

As a practicing entrepreneur myself I devote my time between growing my own business in Mumbai, India and interacting with entrepreneurs through my training, workshop and mentoring to help them start, scale and leverage their geniuses to raise their odds of success.

I achieve these results based on over 25 years of building 100s of products, starting up and accelerating growth for over half-dozen businesses, generating more than $5 million in revenue, hiring 200+ people and training/mentoring 1000s of entrepreneurs.

This handbook is written with two goals — First, becoming an entrepreneur is quite easy these days because of access to the know-how, technology and global market to everyone. Second, the stereotype approach to business building is causing more business closing down than the new businesses starting up every day. It is happening because we are not applying the winning strategies, proven tactics, and right perspectives.

While we may have different reasons to justify our failure, the real reason why most startups fail are one or more of the below:

Their product lacks traction because it does not attract significant customer interest and it doesn’t solve the problem of the customer in a way that customers expect it.
Their business plan does not have a clear vision. Instead of having a defined vision which makes it harder to direct, strategize, and grow their business.

They focus too much on building the product without emphasizing enough on the revenue model and having visible ideas about achieving the profit.

They are not in the ring. Even though they started their business, it was like a plan B for them. They enter the game without the commitment to devote their commitment, passion and long hours before they get into the zone where they can sow the seed of their efforts.

They get caught up day to day either getting involved in small stuff or doing mundane things like checking social media, answering useless calls, chatting, or doing timepass.

Look at the above picture and reflect on your own business. Have you placed the horse(your vision, idea, team, timing, funding) before the cart (product, services, revenue, profit) in a way that you’ll be able to carry it to achieve the dream you wish to realise through your business.

You can use this handbook to set your business vision, innovate your ideas, build your product, launch your business and grow your business to achieve your entrepreneurial dream. I will constantly keep updating the content based on the feedbacks and relevancy so that you have access to the relevant tools, models, and tactics to enhance the odds of success.

In spite of so many guides and document, I decided to write the Founders Handbook because I felt that there exists a need for it.

Whether you are an expert or a rookie, your decision to become an entrepreneur your bets on the future. Whether you are right or wrong will be directly related to the quality of decisions you make, how well you turn a particular iteration and allocate your resources accordingly. This guide is organized with the models, tactics, and perspective which will guide you to pursue your entrepreneurial journey offering a strong customer value proposition, excellent execution and prepare you to grab the opportunity when it strikes at you.

The Founders Handbook is written carefully so that you can apply the suggested tools and techniques while building your own business.

I welcome you to the entrepreneurial world to create a lasting impact in the world through your knowledge, learning and your ability to execute.

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