Are you really ready to be an entrepreneur?

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Is it because you want to make lots of money? Or do you want to follow the trend? Or do you want to prove someone wrong? Or do you dislike your current job? Instead of getting carried away by your personal, professional or social circumstances, think hard and long about why you want to be an entrepreneur. It should only be because you genuinely want to be that. Because you know no other way to be. Only then will you be able to be successful in your endeavor. Only then should you take the plunge. Entrepreneurship should come naturally to you.

Below are my 5 reasons as to why I wanted to be an entrepreneur all along. It may help you decipher and decide your reasons:

First Why:

I was always tampering with technology at the forefront, and in the background, I was keenly following the substantial influence of media in shaping the world. I could see the advent of technology-driven media convergence. I was certain there would be ample opportunities to explore and become a chief player in the converged media domain.

Second Why:

With the easy availability of smartphones, high-speed internet, and seamless connectivity solutions, the new media paradigm was emerging rapidly. While existing players were busy maximizing their profit, and fulfilling their commitments to investors and other stakeholders, I thought of becoming a challenger to capture the emerging opportunity.

Third Why:

For over 18 years, I built technologies, launched businesses, and successfully executed mega marketing plans. The learnings, expertise, and experiences while I was on those jobs, helped me to fly out of the comforting nest and create more, achieve more, and offer more. I was convinced that there could not be anything apter than taking the plunge to capture this opportunity.

Fourth Why:

Becoming successful at anything requires you to have an understanding of market realities, knowing well the kind of risk you are going to face, and having a network of people who can connect your opportunity to the market. I was ready with having all these three factors favorably tuned up at my side.

Fifth Why:

Most of my past endeavors made me garner significant outcomes starting from scratch, and building things up, bit-by-bit. I wanted to challenge the usual – be a disruptor, create mystery, and be part of creating a history than follow the norm.

I hope by now you have got the idea. Instead of allowing your emotions to supersede your decision of becoming an entrepreneur, it is better to first solidify your reason as to why you want to start your own business.

I invite you to engage in a provocative questioning to answer 5-Whys to find out the real reasons why you think you want to be an entrepreneur:

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