Grow your company faster with solid business planning.

We work together with your team to develop the strategies and action blueprints used by leading companies. The Bootcamp will prepare you to grow and achieve your business goals faster.

How the Bootcamp Works

We work together with your team to help you develop a revenue business plan using our unique methods and guided process for growing your business. If you opt for our growth consulting, we’ll work with you on your growth plan, strategy, execution, team development, and more.

Planning Bootcamp

We’ve designed the top-rated, in-depth and guided Bootcamp. Our planning Bootcamp is based on proven methodologies and strategies from growing hundreds of companies.


During our Bootcamp, we apply games and activities which keep participants engaged and helps them build the mindset and motivation needed for your goals.


Our team will review your plan, advise you on the diagnostics and guide you with the strategic inputs that will help you improve the outcome of your efforts and investments.


We offer our consulting practice to select clients helping them achieve their planned business goals. Our team works with the ethics, speed, and boldness of entrepreneurship.


The 2X Business Growth Planning Bootcamp will help you transform your business into a thriving profit-generating machine ready to capitalize on exciting new markets and opportunities for a solid, secure and sustainable growth.

You will use our revolutionary business planning workbook accompanied by easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods, checklists, templates, and action blueprint to guide you in implementing your business plan for real results.

The entrepreneurship dreaming room

  • Reconnect yourself with a rock-solid confidence in yourself to conduct business with joy, service, and act.
  • Develop a big bold vision to leverage your geniuses to create the income, impact, and success.
  • Get ready to achieve your greatness in 2019 being fully ready to take advantage of opportunities and avoid problems that will trap your business backward.

Financial Modelling and Operation Management

  • Develop and align your business model to achieve planned revenue growth.
  • Financial modeling to capture market opportunities, support cash flow and make profit visible for developing a shared understanding with your team and stakeholders.
  • Master the techniques to hire and empower your team to make the positive impact you desire to make.
  • Prepare action blueprint to achieve the planned result.

Strategic Business Action Blueprint

  • Create strategic actions with the timeline to align your business to achieve the planned growth and success.
  • Identify the team and resources necessary for achieving the planned results.
  • Review your business action blueprint with Ishwar Jha, Chief Promoter of 2X Business Growth Planning Bootcamp.
  • Commit yourself with a big promise to make it happen

Sales planning for exponential revenue growth

  • Prepare sales plan applying proven 5-step formula that focus on leads, conversions, repetitions, pricing, and profit margins.
  • Develop your product or service readiness to support exponential growth and whether it fulfills a true need of the customer.
  • Identify actions that will allow your business to break through to the next level of performance.

Customer Focused Marketing Strategy

  • Profiling, segmentation, and analysis to discover the right customer.
  • Develop branding and positioning strategy to stand out as a unique business in a crowded market.
  • Align marketing plan to reach out to real customers and generate demands to achieve the revenue growth.
  • Digital marketing strategies for connecting with prospects through social media, email marketing, and PR among other means.

Complimentory Mentoring Session

  • You are entitled to one mentoring session with Ishwar Jha, Chief Promotor of 2X Business Growth Planning Bootcamp to review your business plan, remove frictions and identify next level of performance.
  • You can also get into 30 minutes of coaching calls where you’ll get concrete answers to your specific questions about building your business.


IT Staff Augmentation-Image

For the past 25 years, Ishwar Jha has been many people: Corporate Executive, Technologist, Digital Thinker, Product Evangelist, Teacher, and Mentor. Over the years, he has advised countless global corporations, as well as entrepreneurs to excel in their business and life.

As a former CEO of Digital Media Convergence Limited (A Essel Group Enterprise) and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment, he has been credited with many firsts. World’s first live TV service in the car, India’s largest mobile VAS company, Asia’s largest digital assets management platform and many more.

As an entrepreneur, Ishwar Jha has successfully launched three businesses, earned over $3 million in revenue, raised over $1 million in funding and successfully exited two businesses.
He has mentored over a dozen company as part of TiE Charter Member, contributed to several global entrepreneur forums, incubators and accelerators in their efforts to augment entrepreneurship and actively participate in training and mentoring the entrepreneurs.

This is what the participants say about 2X Business Growth Planning Bootcamp

“It’s a fantastic program to revisit your vision, mission, and goals. The program allows entrepreneurs to realize the marketing, sales and action blueprint which they can use to achieve business results which will help them achieve their vision.”

“We had two days of Business Planning Bootcamp by Ishwar Jha and team. The way he inspired and probed us to believe in our caliber and leverage our strengths.”

“Ishwar uniquely helps realize our unique strengths. He has made our team believe that we can achieve our goals. We have now expanded our vision to achieve not 100 crores but 1000 crores with his help, guidance and further mentoring.”

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao

Renowned Vastu Expert and Chairman, Dr. Raviraj Vastu Services Pvt. Ltd.

“It’s a fantastic program to revisit your vision, mission, and goals. The program allows entrepreneurs to realize the marketing, sales and action blueprint which they can use to achieve business results which will help them achieve their vision.”

Sunil Chandak

Founder and CEO, Udyogwardhini, Nashik

“When I started for this Bootcamp, I was wondering what am I going to do for 2 days. In 2 days, I am able to declutter our mind and get clarity on what we need to do in order to achieve our business vision and success. Our time during the workshop has been very constructive and I am walking out with the conviction and a definitive plan about our actions.”

Suraj Bajaj

Founder and CEO, Collegepond, Mumbai

“I am totally rejuvenated and refreshed by today’s session by Ishwar Jha. I resonate with the program with his name abbreviation:
I for inspiring
S for Setting high standards
H for High quality for giving right directions
W for Warrier attitude
A for Amazing Talents
R for Roarer and he makes us roar.”

Sachin Parekh

Famous Bollywood actor, known for PK, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and Paa.