Build strong, successful businesses

Roll out your strategies to significantly elevate your business growth, and tangibly change how work gets done, at all levels and across the enterprise.We work along with you applying proven perspectives, field-tested methods, and state-of-the-art technologies.

We are Appetals

Now is the time to implement a new business model, embrace innovation and maximise profitability.
Today running a successful business requires sustainable changes, breaking open new markets, and improve the bottom line. The need of the hour is to reimagine the possibilities, then making them happen.
At Appetals, we work together with our clients to steer business growth by enabling them to renew their business model, real-time technology solutions, and improved revenue and profitability.


We have helped over 15,000 entrepreneurs through our training and workshop to learn the entrepreneurial mindset and tools for building a successful business. Our training and workshop combine pathbreaking strategies, proven methods and action blueprint in an engaging setup for developing new business ideas as well as scaling up an existing business.


Combining over 30 years of our experience in building profitable businesses, we offer business growth consulting to help you discover, develop, and identify ideas for new products, services, and businesses. Together with your team, we finalize the action blueprint clearly defining the actions, responsibilities, and timelines your team for getting the job done.


We enable your business to leverage real-time technology solutions to offer delightful customer experiences using modern architecture to connect, conduct and collaborate seamlessly. Business Technology solutions from Appetals let you embrace technology innovations that not only get you ahead of the curve but to always stay ahead.



SME Business Growth Consulting

We’ve helped business owners develop the roadmap for scaling up growth whether you’re an early stage startup or an established business. We can help you achieve your mission with more customers, more sales, more profits, and better products and services in your business.

Mobile App Development

We have proven expertise to design, build, test and release enterprise class native Android and iOS mobile app as well as hybrid mobility solutions using modern design, ease-of-use, integration, and security best practices.

Business Application Development

We offer custom software development digital transformation consulting services to help you reduce errors, get work done faster and manage a happier team.
We have expertise across multiple verticals and solutions to drive success irrespective of the size or specifics of your project.

Website & Web Application

We build beautiful, modern and pixel-perfect websites and web applications. We undertake projects from large as well as emerging enterprises having the strategic vision to drive business leadership with the technology at their core.

Tech Staffing & Recruitment Services

We are trusted by leading corporates for our time-tested onsite staffing solutions to fit their organization’s unique need. Our specialist team hires, trains and retains talented technology professionals to help you achieve maximum efficiency building better technology products and solutions.

Enterprise Innovation Sprint

We help enterprise customers with strategic innovation using our deep expertise, and guided tools to create new market opportunities and outdo the competition. Our innovation sprint prepares executives to embrace innovation, think, decide and do like an entrepreneur.

Our Partners

We take a great deal of pride in making technology work of such superior quality that it is going to deliver result with the speed and accuracy. We do hard work and we have the obsession with each and every detail worth our efforts.